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Hangar for OJSC Priisk Solov'evskiy

Control installation of pneumohangar, made for the company OJSC "Priisk Solov'evskiy".

In March of 2013 a new project of prefabricated building for working in the Amur region was completed.

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Prefabricated hangar for OJSC "Priisk Solov'evskiy

Control installation of pneumohangar, made for the company OJSC "Priisk Solov'evskiy".

The pneumatic construction with usable area of 142 square meters is equipped with a lift gate-opening "outside".

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Tent structure "Star 12" on the central square of Yaroslavl

In December 2011, at the very center of Yaroslavl on the Soviet Square a skating rink with artificial ice was opened. Now on the territory of rink our tented structures "Stars" are installed with skate rental, changing rooms and cafe.

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Installation of pneumohangar on Yamal

Pneumohangar "SBM" is installed on Yamal. Is equipped with a pneumatic lift gate, door units, heating system for a comfortable staff performance. Service Center "SBM" uses pneumohangar as a temporary shelter in the process of cementing wells.

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An inflatable hangar for Spetsburmaterialy

Control installation of pneumohangar, made for "Spetsburmaterialy", in our new shop floor.

Useful area of hangar - 265 square meters with a maximum internal height of 9 m.

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Product Catalog

We transform air into real estate!

Prefabricated structures - inflatable pneumohangars - have appeared in Russia recently. For the Russian market this a new product, but given the high consumer quality and low price of products, it is no wonder that more and more people want to buy a pneumohangar for an inflatable garage or inflatable warehouse. As a result of previous years, growth in orders for fabricated hangars has increased by 400-450% by the end of 2011. In addition, the steady tendency in increasing their sales in the coming years is predicted.

The main advantage of prefabricated inflatable hangar is its mobility. Easy assembly and disassembly, the absence of the need to build a foundation. Compact packaging and low weight of products allow reducing the transportation costs. Also the installation of a hangar for an inflatable garage or inflatable storage does not require a large construction team, special equipment or lifting gear.

Another important advantage of inflatable hangars is versatility of use. Fabricated warehouse may be relocated for temporary repairs, during the construction of roads and tunnels, gas pipelines, laying of power lines.