Pneumoframe quickly installable constructions


Survival facilities in extreme situations, used for placing of people for the purpose of temporary habitation, organizing command points, field hospitals, as well as shelter of equipment and technics, during liquidation of accidents, catastrophes or acts of nature. These include pneumoframe modules, pneumoframe boxes, frame modular tents.

Pneumoframe modules are base elements for installation of pneumoframe quickly installable constructions and consist of several inflatable arches connected with each other.

As monoblock quickly installable construction we have developed a high pressure pneumodesign"Crab" with useful area of 20 sq.m.

The pneumoframe of the construction is filled using either a foot pump, or a cylinder with compressed air. It has a double ceiling and double walls, forced-air and exhaust ventilation system, and a warmed door. The installation time makes 4 minutes. The design is also provided with a sleeve for connection of the thermal gun, two windows and tight floor excluding penetration of moisture into the premise.

Assemblage does not demand application of mechanical assembly means. Modules can be delivered to the place of installation by transport of any kind, including air transport.Transportation in special containers is possible. The pneumoframe construction is made of high-quality pvc materials.

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