Mobile car washes


By request of Mobi-100 LLC, we develop and manufacture pneumoframe mobile hangars for mobile car washes.

All copyrights to constructing and technological documentation, as well as manufacturing and assemblage techniques of pneumohangars for Mobi-100 mobile car washes belong to the developer - Studio K and to the manufacturer - Angarstroy.

Mobi-100 mobile car washing complex (Moscow, 2007).

Car wash installation in Khimki (Moscow region, October, 2005).

Studio K is the developer of pneumohangars and pneumoframe designs, which are super mobile, all-weather constructions.

In the beginning of 2007 Angarstroy industrial company was created and became affiliate of Studio K.

The organization of batch production of pneumohangars became the primary goal of the Angarstroy enterprise.

At the moment the Studio K is developing the project of a mobile pneumoframe design of the increases capacity. This design will allow organizing serial of mobile car washing complexes for cargo and passenger motor transport.

This work has been also custom-made for Mobi-100 LLC. The authorship to designs of pneumohangars for mobile auto washing complexes is the intellectual property of Studio K.

Warranty service term for mobile pneumohangars developed for auto washing complexes of Mobi-100 LLC, is 2 years.

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