Corporate history

In early 2007, was established production company "ANGARSTROY", which became a subsidiary company PKF "Studio K". The main objective of the enterprise was the organization of serial production pnevmoangarov. To date, both companies have extensive experience in manufacturing inflatable hangars type and sverhmobilnyh tent structures. FSC "Studio K" and PF "ANGARSTROY" cooperate with the largest world-renowned companies, such as "GAZPROM", "ROSNEFT", "SCHLUMBERGER", "HALLIBURTON", "COCA-COLA", "PERI", "MAMMOET", "CATERPILLAR", "KODAK", "EURO PART", "YAMAHA" and others.


The history of creation of Studio K firm leaves the roots in the remote past … Being one of the first co-operative societies in Nizhni Novgorod (founded in 1987), the firm was engaged in advertising activity, creation of television preview trailers.

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In 2000 Studio K declares itself as a product company. A new direction of activity is design and manufacture of mobile awning and advertising constructions.

The model “Star 6” the original mobile ...

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By request of Coca-Cola company in 2005, we created a pneumohangar in the shape of a lying tin, with useful area of 300 sq. m.

The design works as restaurant at the territory of mountain-skiing park "Yakhroma".

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The Angarstroy firm has developed a series of pneumohangarsthe covered area of 1110 sq. m. By the beginning of 2010, five of such have been made already!

The next brand new dolphinarium has been erected in the centre of Chelyabinsk city.

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Inflatable pavilion for spectators with useful area of 712 sq. m. was made for the center of winter sports in Khanty-Mansiysk named A.V. Filipenko in January 2011.

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