In 2000 Studio K declares itself as a product company. A new direction of activity is design and manufacture of mobile awning and advertising constructions.

The model “Star 6” which has well proved itself as the original mobile awning design intended for outdoor actions became one of the first created products. “Figaro”, a network of restaurants of outdoor service, was one of major customers, who chose “Star 6” awning for its business..

Further the company improved this model, adding quick-detachable transparent walls, simultaneously having improved the quality of cut.

Soon we constructed light variant of “Star 6”, which was perfect for use at country personal sites. Besides, the company was engaged in covering of pools, platforms, verandahs, arbors under individual projects.

Since 2003 the Studio K has been annually carrying out orders of navigable company «Volzhkoe parohodstvo». The awnings developed by our firm still decorate steam-ships, protecting passengers from rain and wind.

In the end of 2003 by request of administration of Vladivostok the Studio K developed a new model – the «Star 8С» with usable area of 80 sq. m. Here 4 years our awning designs are established on the main area of a city for New Year's holidays.

In 2004 eight-beam star with walls was enhanced by metal frame. This is the model «Star 8 SM». The first order for such design has been received from the central city park of of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

This star is maintained as pavilion of slot machines the whole year. The design is completed with transparent walls and entrances (doors).

In 2001 Studio K started working with pneumatic. Working models were constructed, as well as tests of the first models of pneumohangars were conducted.

Tests of pre-production models demonstrated great advantages of pneumoframe designs in comparison with others in respect of mobility.

Pneumoframe hangars have well proved to be all-weather mobile buildings, which do not require the base, and anchor fastenings to the ground. They are compact in transportation and easy in installation.

At the same time we developed the awning design "House", which is a mixture of pneumoframe and membrane-awning constructions. This design, covering 80 sq. m, was ordered by a Russian firm "NAIDI" for all-the-year-round operation as a Kodak photo center in Izhevsk (2003). Walls are inflatable; the ceiling is double, suspended on the central rack support

This design concedes to hangars in mobility; however, it has the non-standard appearance reminding architecture of Old Russian style. The autowashing complex in Khimki (115 sq. m.) at the area of shopping centre “Liga” (2004) became a modification of “House” in new role.

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