By request of Coca-Cola company in 2005, we created a pneumohangar in the shape of a lying tin, with useful area of 300 sq. m.

The design works as restaurant at the territory of mountain-skiing park "Yakhroma", situated near Moscow.
The same year we manufactured the hangar for children's complex of inflatable attractions, with the covered area 350 sq. m., which was established in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Since then, children got a possibility to visit park rides in winter, too.

ПAccording to information from the customer in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, this hangar has successfully survived 5 hurricanes with speeds of wind ranging from 27 to 38,8m/s for 2,5 years of operation (since the beginning of 2005). When one of such cataclysms occurred, some large trees were broken, and an electric lighting column was tumbled down in the area, where the design was located, as well as window glasses of a shopping centre were squeezed out from the direction of wind pressure.

In 2006, by request of the Nizhniy Novgorod division of Gazprom, Volgotransgaz LLC, we manufactured a pneumohangar with useful area of 350 sq. m., with an experimental tightening covering. This additional cover considerably raised wind and snow stability, as well as heat-saving design characteristics, simultaneously having improved installation time.
Pneumohangar installation was conducted by a brigade of 6 workers at the temperature -35 degrees of Celsius, in 12 hours time. A garage and an automobile repair site for the heavy technical equipment were organized there for the winter period.

Since this moment the external cover became an obligatory element of a complete set of all our pneumohangars.

For “Mantrak Vostok” LLC (the official dealer of Caterpillar company in Uralsky and Privolzhsky regions of the Russian Federation) we made a pneumohangar as a service centre on assemblage and repair of heavy technical equipment of «Caterpillar» on Yamal for the winter period since December, 2007.

Installation of a pneumohangar for «GK Service» (organisation of railway cargo transportations in containers and cars) in Sergiev Posad, Moscow region, was conducted in October, 2007. The pneumodesign is intended for all-the-year-round operation as a mobile warehouse for expensive cargoes. Arrangement of gate on lateral walls of a hangar was the original solution of this design.

For the German firm "PERI", the largest world manufacturer of building woods and a timbering, in 2006 we developed a pneumohangar with useful area of 200 sq.m. In the beginning of October at an open building site near Noginsk, Moscow region, our pneumohangar became the first warm premise for repair of technical equipment and storage of building materials. Exploitation of the mobile pneumohangar has allowed the company to reduce terms factory building considerably. In the spring of 2008 this pneumohangar will move to Saint Petersburg, for the solution of similar problems in building of similar factory.

In Summer 2006, «PAL ZILERI» shop was opened in N. Novgorod. The basic part of action took place in a pneumohangar. Display of models of «PAL ZILERI» clothes has taken place. It is necessary to notice, that absence anchor fastenings, and the more so, base, has allowed to establish a pneumohangar with useful area of 150 sq.m. on stone blocks in the city centre for 1.5 hours by 6 workers.

For the Perm division of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, in 2007 we designed a high-pressure pneumo construction "Crab" with useful area of 20 sq.m. It has a double ceiling and double walls, exhaust ventilation system, and warmed door. The design is also equipped with a sleeve for connection of thermal gun, two windows and the tight floor excluding moisture inside the premise. If necessary, the design can be landed from a helicopter or a plane. The installation takes 4 minutes. "Crab" is intended for rescue operations both in southern and in northern climatic zones.

In the north of island of Sakhalin in July, 2008, the pneumohangar made by us for MAMMOET company has been established. The design with useful area 250 sq. m. exactly repeats the project created for Mantrak-Vostok (CAT). The design is used for service and repair of elevating mechanisms and the specialized technics.

By request of NOVATEK- PUROVSKY firm in the shortest terms we made a pneumohangar to be used as a mobile dining room. The pneumodesign is planned for 500 sitting places. The mobile dining room was installed on a site of a gas-processing combine being constructed in Novy Urengoy city. The pneumohangar has been working since May, 2008.

On August, 12th, 2008 in Perm, a mobile pneumohangar with covered area 1110 sq. m. has been established. The design was used as an all-the-year-round mobile dolphinarium. Inside the pneumohangar there is a pool in diameter of 16 m., as well as mobile tribunes for 570 spectators. The dolphinarium started working in September, 2008. The owners of the pneumohangar tour and give concerts in different cities of Russia.

By order of Bamtonnelstroy company, a unique nine-modular pneumohangar has been developed. The length of the hangar makes more than 100 m! The design with useful area of1500 sq. m is used as temporary shelter at a lining of tunnels. The pneumohangar was established in November, 2009 at a lining of the Kuznetsovsky tunnel in Khabarovsk region.

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