The Angarstroy firm has developed a series of pneumohangars the covered area of 1110 sq. m. By the beginning of 2010, five of such have been made already! The next brand new dolphinarium has been erected in the centre of Chelyabinsk city. The shows have started in the middle of December, 2009.

In March 2010, by order of "Novoangarsky processing enterprise" we have manufactured a series of inflatable hangars for storage and maintenance of large vehicles – BelAZ. Three pneumohangars with the total area of 1500 sq. m have large pneumatic gates with size of 6 x 6 m. In addition, the hangars are equipped with a removal system of exhaust gases, lighting, heating and forced ventilation.

"Novoangarsky Processing Plant" is located in Motyginsky district of Krasnoyarsk region and included in Top-100 of the largest companies of Siberia.

For work in Krasnoyarsk region at Vankorskoye field in June 2010 for a foreign company "Schlumberger Logelco Inc." we've made three hangars of 143 sq. m each.были изготовлены 3 ангара по 143 кв.м.

Inflatable manufacturing modules are used to prepare a special mixture for the production of drilling fluids. Pneumohangars are equipped with heating, lighting and ventilation systems to maintain the required environment and safe work of the staff.

Inflatable repair boxes (2 hangars of 304 sq. m each) for the company "MehTrans" were installed in December 2010 near the town of Blagoveshchensk, Amur region. Inflatable hangars, provided with heating and ventilation systems, can maintain fitness of equipment and machinery in the harsh climate of Russia.

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