Due to large increase of orders in 2011, we've opened our new manufacturing site. It allowed increasing the speed of serial production manufacturing by 65%.

Inflatable pavilion for spectators with useful area of 712 sq. m. was made for the center of winter sports in Khanty-Mansiysk named A.V. Filipenko in January 2011. Design of inflatable construction - "shell" was conducted in conjunction with architects of Khanty-Mansiysk. During the Biathlon World Cup in inflatable cafe-restaurant were simultaneously housed more than 600 visitors. Inside it was installed a projector to let the resting be aware of the events unfolding on tracks and stadium. Inflatable pavilion is located behind the north stand, not far from the conference hall.

At the same time in 2011, our company has implemented projects of mobile inflatable constructions for workers of shooting area, and three pre-fabricated modules of checkpoint for work at various competitions and world championships.

In 2011, for a major oil services company "Halliburton International Inc." we've made a series of 8 inflatable hangars with a total area of 3000 sq. m. For work on Vankorskoye field in August 2011 inflatable hangar of 480 sq. m was installed. Inside it work is underway for the production of special mortars for cementation of oil wells. And in November 2011 for similar problems the hangars of 214 and 307 sq. m were mounted for work in Republic of Komi and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District. Inflatable production modules are used to prepare a special mixture for the production of drilling fluids. Pneumohangars are equipped with heating, lighting and ventilation systems to maintain the required environment and safe work of the staff. Our prefabricated inflatable modules allow producing high-tech processes, regardless of harsh weather conditions prevailing in northern regions of Russia.

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