The ANGARSTROY is an industrial-design firm. It is natural, that such kind of activity is not possible without good manufacture, adjusted to carry out orders of our clients in the shortest terms at the best quality. The employees of ANGARSTROY are the hardworking, technically competent, rallied team of experts united by a powerful idea – to create supermobile designs.

ANGARSTROY is engaged in design and manufacture of all-weather elite awning designs and mobile pneumohangars. The group of designers, engineers, technologists daily takes part in realization of new projects for various clients.

Design of constructions passes these stages:

  1. Design of idea, sketching, affirmation of color scale and logo.
  2. Coordination with the customer of the design project.
  3. Manufacturing of a working scale model (as a rule M 1:5 or M 1:10).
  4. Working out of design and technological documentation.
  5. Working out of design and technological documentation./li>
  6. Design manufacture.
  7. Control assemblage with simultaneous revealing of technical lacks and advantages of a design.
  8. Completion and modernisation.

Currently the production line includes about 70 names of products. We own dozens of new designs protected by copyright certificates on the inventions and patents. All photos of designs and projects which you can see at our site are exclusively our designs.