Our modular pneumohangars and awning designs can be used as:

l. Public buildings and constructions

(1) Education and science

  • Mobile children's entertaining complexes (possibility of the equipping  a premise with children's playgrounds, amusements, canteens, etc., organizing indoor children's games and other actions);
  • Mobile schools (junior high, special schools, higher, etc.);
  • School objects (organization of winter gardens, covering of sports halls, platforms, skating rinks);
  • Mobile buildings for research establishments, research and public organizations and managements;
  • Mobile buildings for scientific research institutes and their pilot productions;
  • Design Offices (separate industrial buildings of a design office, communal and warehouse objects, etc.);
  • Mobile laboratories;

(2) Medicine and public health services

  • Mobile hospitals, polyclinics;
  • Mobile first-aid posts, diagnostic centres;
  • Mobile medical buildings with a hospital, out-patient-polyclinic, drugstores, dairy kitchens, mud baths;
  • Mobile sanatoria, sanatoria-dispensaries;
  • Mobile spa-salons (variety of SPA procedures, SPA-cosmetology, etc.);
  • Mobile bases of recreation and tourism;

(3) Physical culture and sports

  • Sports entertainment complexes (ski and mountain-skiing stadiums, hippodromes, velodromes, autodromes, universal athletic fields, etc.);
  • Educational training complexes (sports bases of schools, higher and special educational institutions, educational training centers for sportsmen of the higher categories);
  • Health-improving sports complexes (for carrying out of health-improving works and productive leisure such as fitness clubs, gyms, exercise rooms, pools etc.);
  • Covered sports complexes (covering of tennis courts, ice arenas, pools, football grounds, basketball and volleyball fields, stadiums);

(4) Culture and education

  • Mobile libraries;
  • Mobile museums and exhibitions (halls, pavilions for art exhibitions, photo exhibitions, fairs, motor shows, fashion shows, etc.);

(5) Entertainment and rest

  • Club buildings (clubs, discos, game complexes, houses of culture, the centers of leisure, etc.);
  • Entertainment buildings (mobile theatres, cinemas, circuses, dolphinariums, etc.);
  • Mobile concert halls (scenic canopies for open-air concerts and parties, covering of concert halls and scenes, locker rooms, auxiliary premises for equipment storage, etc.);
  • Shelters for open air actions (mobile premises for open air restaurants, banquet halls, canopies, мини bars, all for catering of drinks, cocktails, foodstuff, the VIP-catering, etc.);
  • Mobile restaurants, bars, cafes;
  • Mobile multipurpose entertaining complexes;

(6) Trade

  • Mobile buildings for trading enterprises, public catering and consumer services;
  • Mobile buildings for retail trade enterprises (trading pavilions, shops, supermarkets, booths, etc.);
  • Mobile shopping centers;
  • Covered markets (shelters for city markets and trading areas);
  • Open-air shop;
  • Trading galleries and exhibition halls;

(7) Public transport

  • Stations for all types of transport (mobile passenger waiting rooms: railway station, air terminal, road service station, river station, marina, etc.);
  • Offices of service for passengers, transport agencies, cash pavilions;

ll. Industrial buildings and constructions

(1) Manufacture

  • Mobile industrial buildings (industrial buildings of factories, transport and power enterprises, workshops, garages, depots, compressors, etc.);
  • Mobile industrial agricultural buildings (cowsheds, hen houses, vegetable storehouses, granaries, mobile garages for service and storage of special technics);

(2) Warehouses

  • Mobile industrial warehouses (warehouses of raw materials, accessories, shop warehouses of finished articles, factory warehouses of finished goods);
  • Mobile transit shipment warehouses (warehouses at railway stations, ports, river landing stages, airports, mobile cargo terminals serve for short-term storage of cargoes in their load from one type of transport to another);
  • Mobile customs warehouses (for storage of goods in expectation of customs clearing);
  • Mobile warehouses of pre-schedule delivery (warehouses in areas, where delivery of goods is possible only during the certain periods of year);
  • Temporary warehouses of seasonal storage (for seasonal nature goods);
  • Temporary reserve warehouses (for storage of stocks in a case of force majeure)
  • Mobile wholesale distributive warehouses (warehouses of supplying networks);
  • General commercial warehouses (warehouses serving for any owners of goods);
  • Mobile retail warehouses(warehouses for trade enterprises);
  • Mobile special warehouses (mobile refrigerators, glaciers for storage of products, vegetable storehouses, fruit storehouses);
  • Modular fast installable warm warehouses (mobile warm warehouses of dry storage);
  • fast installable warehouse bases;

(3) Administration

  • Mobile premises of management and design offices;
  • Mobile premises of information-technical appointment;
  • Mobile premises for meetings and press conferences;

(4) Life

  • Sanitary-household premises (change houses);
  • Public catering premises (dining rooms, buffets);

lll. Temporary constructions at building sites

  • Mobile warehouse at a building site(for storage of materials, designs and equipment arriving for the given building);
  • Fast installable administrative household complexes (site offices, pantries for construction superintendents and masters, showers, boiler rooms, lavatories and premises for heating of workers, dining rooms, etc.);
  • shift settlements;
  • Temporary industrial workshops (mechanical repair, reinforcing, carpentry, etc.) and smithies;
  • Temporary appointment power stations, boilers, pumps, compressors, heaters, ventilators, etc.;
  • Temporary laboratories for test of building materials and products for building sites;
  • Mobile garages of building motor transport (loaders, dredges, ready-mix trucks, dump-body trucks, etc);
  • Temporary constructions connected with fire-prevention actions and protection in the territory of building and in inhabited settlement;

lV. Buildings and constructions for service and storage of technics

(1) Motor-technicians, automobile and lorries

  • Mobile automobile repair shops, car-care centres (maintenance service, repair, body repair and painting, mounting, etc.);
  • Mobile car wash (car wash, dry-cleaner of cargo and automobile motor transport, a premise for storage of auto washing equipment, a premise for the personnel, a premise of servicing, a rest room, etc.);
  • Mobile equipped covered parking places (heated, not heated);

(2) Courts, yachts, boats, ACVs and boats

  • Ship-repair shipyards (building and repair of courts, yachts and boats, including major repairs and reorganization);
  • Mobile automobile repair shops (maintenance service, repair, painting, etc.)
  • Mobile garage (wintering of yachts and boats, storage, preparation for the following season);
  • Covered parking of yachts and boats;

(3) Aircraft

  • Mobile aircraft repair factory (repair and maintenance service for planes, helicopters and other flying machines);
  • Mobile aircraft repair workshop (repair of units, aircraft engines, painting, etc.)
  • Mobile garage (a hangar (shed) for planes, hangars for small aircraft, pneumohangars with pneumocollars of cockleshell type for helicopters, etc.);
  • Terminals for air transportations, mobile hotels, waiting rooms for passengers in case of delay of flights, etc.;
  • Covered parkings for air courts;
  • Hangar parking for planes and business aircraft helicopters;

V. Residential buildings

  • Temporary buildings;
  • Modular buildings;
  • Individual houses;