Exhibition pneumopavilion, EURO PART Rus LLC (2005)

1. From which sources have you learned about us?

- From the Internet.

2. Why have you chosen our company?

- It was pleasant to communicate with V.Bazhanov.

3. The name, product type and the covered area?

- Exhibition hall of 40 sq.m.

4. Date of acquisition of the construction?

- May 2005

5. Premise appointment?

- Exhibition hall

6. How often do you change construction installation sites?

- At one place - till 10 days.

7. How construction protection is carried out?

- No protection or the exhibition personnel.

8. How many workers participate in installation, dismantle and construction transportation?

- 3 employees of our firm.

9. Which transport was used to transport the construction?

- Automobile trailer 1000.

10. Which material is used as anchor ballast?

- Bags with cement.

11. Type of applied heating?

- Gas gun.

12. Which amount of energy is required for an hour, day, month?

- 1 cylinder of 50 litres for 5 days at-10C.

13. Which temperature is supported indoors and what is the difference between temperatures of external air?

- +12-15 inside at -10C outside.

14. Which amount of electric power is used for construction maintenance in working order?

- We did not measure.

15. Do you have a reserve source of power supplies and how often do you use it?

- Yes, seldom.

16. What snow loadings does the construction maintain (snow cover thickness)?

- Snow does not pile up owing to the peaked form of a roof.

17. Which speeds of wind were survived by the construction during operation?

- Any speeds.

18. Do you apply any system of protection?

- None.

19. Were there any acts of vandalism?

- Yes.

20. Were there any construction damages on imprudence?

- Yes.

21. Describe, on which surface the construction is standing?

- Asphalt, with diagonal differences up to 50 mm.

22. Which type of floor is used in constructions and which floor would be more preferable?

- The floor made of europallets with plywood and synthetic covering; preferably - a demountable podium of zinc coating and impregnated plywood.

23. How is the lighting problem solved? (Type of fixtures, place of their arrangement, their general capacity)?

- We have eight 16 W lamps of day illumination.

24. Is there a system of ventilation (air-conditioning)?

- Only natural.

25. Were there any funny cases?

- At first Komtrans 2005 exhibition we had not provided the reserve power supply, the light was disconnected 5-6 times for 10-30 minutes; the second time the light was disconnected, half of the audience stopped to see our "falling down" pavilion. The advertising was excellent!!!!

26. Your claims about the construction?

- Problems occurred only with accessories, such as buttons, - they rusted.

27. What are your nearest and long-term plans?

- We will be using the pavilion at least for a year - then we will think of buying one more.

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