Mobile garage for technics repair and service, Siam-Vostok LLC (2009)


Good afternoon. Here at last we established our own Hangar in July. The premise quite suits us, it is almost impossible to erect anything similar for car repair it such short term, and the main thing is the mobility. I think that at good heating it will be possible to work there even at extreme freeze. We had no problems with installation, thanks. We watched the manual video, read the instructions and spent a night (the nights here in July are light) on mounting. The only problem is electricity. Here we face big drops and jumps of voltage and switching-off at some hours from time to time, but even for three hours the hangar is not blown off completely. If necessary it is possible to use a mobile compressor if present. Or a diesel is possible too. Many businessmen here have become interested in your product, we have distributed your cards and contact phones, perhaps they will communicate. 
Thanks once again. 

Chief Engineer of Siam-Vostok LLC, A.N. Nemkov

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